Tuesday, April 24, 2007

This is so cool!


This is so cool! It's like I'm living in a science fiction novel or movie or something :-D Of course, lets hope it's not one of those uber-catastrophic stories where Earth dies and we must all venture forth to make our lives somewhere else, like a parasite sucking total life and moving on, leaving a trail of shells in our wake.

We should fix this planet before we think about inhabiting others.

but it's still cool that we found one! I wonder if there's life, and what it would be like?

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Everyone needs to see this ...

If they ever offer synchronized treadmill dancing as a class, I am *so* taking it!

Apparently these guys ("The Fray") choreographed this all themselves. They can sing *and* dance ... on treadmills! :-D It's quite an amusing and impressive video!

Without further ado ...


Friday, April 13, 2007

Slipping back in the ocean

I am single. Again. After a long hiatus.

It was a fun hiatus. There were movies, and popcorn, and trips, and roller coasters (both of the physical and emotional kind). As the hiatus edged on, however, there was stagnancy, and fights, and bitter words. I realized the hiatus had to come to an end.

So, now I will slowly and carefully step back into the freezing waters of the ocean where the fish of life await. I'm not worried about finding someone, whether it takes two years or twenty. Right now, I'm about meeting people, making friends, and just seeing where life takes me.

Oh man, and Kire just farted and it stinks! I'm going to go put some incense on! >_<