Monday, January 26, 2009

Dream time!

I had one of the oddest dreams last night.

There ended up being three guys fighting for me. One was an angel with black wings, one was a server at a local diner, and the other was Native American with long, luxuious black hair.

I went to the diner with Angel-Guy and Server-Guy got jealous, and later captured and chained up Angel-guy! O.O While the two of them were battling it out, I met the Native American, who was interested in me but not in fighting; more of a peaceful 'let her make her choice' kind of a guy.

So, obviously, I chose him. Both Angel-Guy and Server-Guy were not amused, and attacked the Native American! I intervened with some awesome Northern Shaolin Gung Fuery, and swiftly had Angel-Guy and Server-Guy rethinking their sentiments towards me.

Then I had to carry the Native American home, since he had been wounded. He was very grateful, and I remember distinctly how his hair felt on my skin as I carried him piggy-back through a nice suburban area. For some reason I was naked, but I didn't care.

Later on there was a deer carcass at the side of the road, and as I was walking a Maltese at the time, I decided to take a different route home so he wouldn't roll in it.


At 5:07 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doesn't sound like you got much rest in your dream!!! Anonymom~


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