Saturday, October 27, 2007

Oh look, I have a blog!

I forgot about this. :-p Then I remembered!

I have to say that I am very much amused byt eh "LOL Cats" pictures. And, for some reason, I get the urge to type in "LOL Cat Speak. This includes phrases like "I can has" or "I eated" or "I am in ur Blank Blanking ur Blank." I am both amused and annoyed by my constant desire to SPEAK IN ALL CAPS in ridiculous broken English.

I shall spare you the pain, however.

In other news, I will be attempting NaNoWriMo for the third year in a row this November. Here are the stats:

Title: The White Serval
Genre: Fantasy
Sequel to: Alchemist's Child (to be retitled, as I discovered there's already a novel out there called "Alchemist's Child")
Main Story:
1. Teegra getting abducted for her musical prowess and learning about her captors, Miquelon, Yann, and Seed in particular.

2. Breckin, Essyrian, and Martin in pursuit. Martin and Essyrian involved in numerous sibling spats. Breckin soon to follow when his ship is intercepted by his older brother.

3. Harkson searching for Zanadie, obsessing over Essyrian and Martin. Yjasson in a dillema about loyalty.

4. Zanadie attempting to rescue Klimeft, Andrie and Sirift trying to stop her for fear of her saftey.

Not to say that this is *exactly* how things are going to go; these characters may possibly have their own ideas on how to go about things. :-p

I shall try to keep you informed as the challenge begins and the month progresses.


At 7:06 PM , Anonymous Erme said...

Good words.


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