Monday, October 31, 2011

Blast from the Past

Long time no writey! I apologize for that, I've been off having adventures and shenanigans and no, I never ended up in prison and haven't had to make a bid for my life or anything exciting like that.

I have moved a couple times, although I'm still working in the same shop as a Dog Groomer where I try my best to avoid gnashing teeth and dogs matted in horse manure (true story. please don't ask).

SO, there is actually something very exciting about to happen on this blog.

After taking a year's break, I'm back to NaNoing (for those unfamiliar, that's the personal challenge of writing a 50,000 novel within the month of November), and I've decided to up-load as I go.

The story this year is a sci-fi tale about a young girl who's very content in her humble little life. However, she's dragged unwillingly into a secret society and must forge her own little niche.

It'll be raw, dirty, unedited, and probably make very little sense at the best of times. However, with any hope it will later be cleaned up and adapted to form a webcomic using screencaps from Halo: Reach gameplay.

I've got about fifty minutes to go before NaNoWriMo, so I'm going to go prep myself for the Big Moment :D

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Inspired by brother to post

Ack! He linked me! *dusts cobwebs, does quick cleaning*

Just a quick note before I head to work. I will be moving!!! Yay!!! I'm renting a two-bedroom two-story townhouse with two awesome coworkers/friends (will be sharing a room with one ... yay, college times!). It's got a lime tree in the backyard and a working toilet!!!

If you wonder what's so special about a working toilet, try to imagine not being able to flush toilet paper for a year. X(

Also, the water gets hot! :) Plumbing where I'm at now; not so great. :p

Anyway, this townhouse is also right behind the mall, including a Hot Topic and Barnes & Noble, and is about 5 minutes from the Gaming Shop.

I'm all excited!! :D

Anyway, work calls!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Dream time!

I had one of the oddest dreams last night.

There ended up being three guys fighting for me. One was an angel with black wings, one was a server at a local diner, and the other was Native American with long, luxuious black hair.

I went to the diner with Angel-Guy and Server-Guy got jealous, and later captured and chained up Angel-guy! O.O While the two of them were battling it out, I met the Native American, who was interested in me but not in fighting; more of a peaceful 'let her make her choice' kind of a guy.

So, obviously, I chose him. Both Angel-Guy and Server-Guy were not amused, and attacked the Native American! I intervened with some awesome Northern Shaolin Gung Fuery, and swiftly had Angel-Guy and Server-Guy rethinking their sentiments towards me.

Then I had to carry the Native American home, since he had been wounded. He was very grateful, and I remember distinctly how his hair felt on my skin as I carried him piggy-back through a nice suburban area. For some reason I was naked, but I didn't care.

Later on there was a deer carcass at the side of the road, and as I was walking a Maltese at the time, I decided to take a different route home so he wouldn't roll in it.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

X-posted from Facebook

Note: I felt this was best spread around. So, feel free to spread around! :-) Just please give credit where credit is due, and leave comments! :-D

First off, I would like to thank and congratulate everyone who helped make this possible, everyone who voted (however you voted) and everyone who volunteered (whoever you volunteered for). One of the saddest things to me about the previous elections (not just 2000 and 2004, but previous elections as well) was the low percentage of voter turnout. Just the fact that this election was so important to so many people that, not only did it move them to get out and vote, but it made people act in a way to want to move others as well. We've done so much for this ability, for this honor, from the American Revolution, the Civil War, to Women's Sufferage. To everyone who voted, who voted for Obama, who voted for McCain, who voted third party or write in or however, I commend you.

Secondly, I would like to state my personal reasons for voting for Obama. I have been impressed with the man since he became Senator of Illinois, and remember reading an article about his charisma and infectious enthusiasm that, even then, struck me as what I would like to see in a president; someone who was able to move those around him to act. As the presidential campaign battled on, between the Democrate candidates, and later against McCain, I was continuously amazed by the fact that Obama did not stoop to attacks on his opponent. I was impressed by his intelligent asnwers. I truly commend him for choosing a runningmate who has the experience he lacks, and someone who is not afraid to voice his opinion, especially if it is contrary to the President, and I'm confident that, in such a case, Obama will listen. He is a man that is competant and confident without being cocky, intelligent without being condescending, and compassionate without being weak. I have great confidence that he will be able to help this country rise from her fallen depths, that he will be able to help bridge the gaps between income and political affiliation, and bring us our friends and allies from beyound our shores that the past eight years had alienated so painfully.

He can't do it alone, however; we are all Americans here, and he needs us to work together if anything he does is to help. Please, hold my hand as we raise America back up, whether you are Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal, whatever your persuasion, this is your country too.

I would like to add that I feel Senator John McCain is a good man, and a good candidate, and while I do not agree with his stance on many issues, I think he would have done an admirable job as president. I admit that I do not have the same feelings for Palin as runningmate, and because of her I would have had trouble accepting his administration, had he won, but I want you to know that, had he any other vice-presedential candidate, I would not have been bitter had the election gone differently.

Please, comment to this to let me know you're with me in helping to make this country great again.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Politics, and underhanded scumbags.

So it has come to my attention that google ads have been overtaken by the hideous prop. 8 supporter freaks. :-( I saw this on another forum, but it took me a couple days to remember I had google ads on my blog here, and now I feel sick that they have been showing up when people come to check up on me. I wish I would have thought of this sooner, as I would have had more time to do some major ass-kicking, but instead I give you this;

Whatever the pro-8 ad says, know that it is paid for by bigots, by homophobes, and by people who want to shove our great country back into the dark ages of segregation and white-male-hetero power. I do not accept, and you shouldn't either. The ads above promote hate and discrimination. They promote backwards thinking. They do NOT - I repeat; DO NOT support the American Way, the American Dream, nor the American Life.

I voted NO on Prop. 8 (as a registered Californian) because of Women's Sufferage, Integration, and the Civil War. Have so many people forgotten all we've been through already? It is no longer a time for ignorance and bigotry.

"Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it." ~ Santayana

Monday, May 19, 2008

Congratulations! It's an UPDATE!

It's probably nearing 85 or so outside ... cooler than last week, though they don't consider 'summer' to be here until the triple digits of September-November. No more Halloweens in snowsuits!

No more snowsuits!

Not that I've had a snowsuit since I was 10, but I had asome crazy layering going on in those midwest winters!

So, I've been here about three months. I've become enamored of the Santa Cruz mountains (okay, mountains in particular, I just happen to be closest to the Santa Cruz ones), and the wiggly winding roads that trespass through mini-redwood forests and hug the mountainsides. On the west the view looks out into green (and sometimes urban-littered) valleys, and more mountain chains in the distance, and to the east there's that big huge expanse of blue known as the Pacific Ocean.

I can afford to take such leisurly trips because, despite gas being anywhere from $3.93-$4.15, my milage and my tips are such that my bank account doesn't feel the 'gas pains'. Besides, how could I possible live so close to such natural beauty and NOT take advantage of it at least once a week?

I'm also getting a chance to take part in some interesting cultural happenings in the area. Yesterday, while stuck in traffic on my way to work, I saw the aftermath of the 'Bay To Breakers' which is somewhat like a marathon where you run from the bay through The City to the ocean in as odd a getup as you can muster. Some of the tame outfits I saw was a girl wearing a TuTu, later a guy in some really tight really short shorts, and then a woman dressed up as a lobster; brigth red with tail and all!

I couldn't participate myself because there were doggies and kitties that needed grooming, but maybe next year ... *plots*

This week I'll be attending a limited viewing of the Japanese live-action movie 'Death Note' based on the Anime of the same name. I've seen a few episodes of the Anime, and admit that it's one of my favorites that I want to continue watching. I've become really interested in animes dealing with Shinigami, or 'Death Gods'. Death Note is one. Another, Bleach, takes a completely different approach of the term Shinigami.

June will see my celebrating my birthday with my friend Thomas, who shares the same birthday (we shall finally be able to celebrate our birthdays together, which is exciting), and then in July is Comic-Con!!! My very first convention! :-) I was hoping to get a cosplay outfit together, but since I can't sew (not to mention lack of a sewing machine, fabrics, and other such sewing necessities) that probably won't come to pass. There's always next year, though. :-)

No earthquakes here yet, but Thomas did feel one while we were on the phone. He dismissed it as nothing greater than a 2, and the conversation went on to other things.

So that's it for now. Kire's enjoying herself, and is proably busying herself with her 'Every Lasting Treat Ball' which should prove difficult for even her to break into! :-D

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hullo! Quick note!

Writing from California!

Weather: 60 degrees warmer than your -2! :-D

Driving: Nothing different than you'd see in Chicago, Detroit, or Cleveland, excpet for the fact that cuttoffs and 4-lane-traffic dodging and the like occur 10 times more often. Still, the drivers are a strange Nice kind of crazy; there's not the general feel of road rage that I've felt in other cities.

Of course, that was just four days. If I move out here, my opinoin might change! :-)

And my golly, it's probably impossible to be out of state in this city! The steep steep hills are EVERYWHERE it seems! :-p Driving up and down them on the fringes of the city is fun; evern at 25 mph it's like a roller coaster ride! :-) But withing the city ... yikes! Can't see nothin'! :-p

Took a trip to Stintson beach the other day. Crossed the Golden Gate to get there and took a ridiculously fun curvy ribbon road that hugged the mountain and boardered the ocean. Miss a turn and you're going for a high dive! :-p :-)

Ocean was cold.

Still better than -2! :-)

Those are my thoughts for now! I'm just waiting for my check-in time here at the Hostel (it didn't take me nearly as long as I had thought it would to get here, and I didn't get lost once)!