Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hullo! Quick note!

Writing from California!

Weather: 60 degrees warmer than your -2! :-D

Driving: Nothing different than you'd see in Chicago, Detroit, or Cleveland, excpet for the fact that cuttoffs and 4-lane-traffic dodging and the like occur 10 times more often. Still, the drivers are a strange Nice kind of crazy; there's not the general feel of road rage that I've felt in other cities.

Of course, that was just four days. If I move out here, my opinoin might change! :-)

And my golly, it's probably impossible to be out of state in this city! The steep steep hills are EVERYWHERE it seems! :-p Driving up and down them on the fringes of the city is fun; evern at 25 mph it's like a roller coaster ride! :-) But withing the city ... yikes! Can't see nothin'! :-p

Took a trip to Stintson beach the other day. Crossed the Golden Gate to get there and took a ridiculously fun curvy ribbon road that hugged the mountain and boardered the ocean. Miss a turn and you're going for a high dive! :-p :-)

Ocean was cold.

Still better than -2! :-)

Those are my thoughts for now! I'm just waiting for my check-in time here at the Hostel (it didn't take me nearly as long as I had thought it would to get here, and I didn't get lost once)!



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