Thursday, November 08, 2007


Life: Applying for stable jobs, including but not limited to PetSmart, Barnes and Noble, and Borders. Living with parents. Emptying boxes and revisiting my past all at the same time while formulating my future. Oh, and trying not to die in the present. :-)

Knitting: I organized my yarns! So they won't tangle! All it took was zip lock bags, nylons, and rubber bands! Yay! I have successfully completed two projects for myself (a chunky warm scarf and hand warmers) and two for others (hand warmers for mom and a blanket for some lucky puppy/kitty at the Humane Society). I need to finish my sweater (three years and counting).

Writing: NaNoWriMo 2007 is well underway. I'm chugging along, though behind by the previous years' standards. Things took a very favorable turn last night, when it turns out that Breckin is famous (or infamous?), enough so that Miquelon has heard of him. I'll be very interested to see how that turns out ...

Grooming: Saturday I had a mess of a 'Maltese' that was dirty and matted. The owner gave me free range, although preferred him longer. I brushed him out before the bath and felt that it wasn't so bad that it had to be shaved. I bathed him, and figured the mats might come out in fluff drying with a stiff brush, but they came out very easily with the high velocity dryer, I was pretty surprised! His ears and tail were very matted as well, but I was able to save them with patience. I didn't feel I had enough time to nitpick as I would have liked, but I was very happy with the fact that I was able to save him from a shavedown in this weather and an upcoming winter. :-)

Kire: Sassy as usual. Taken to standing/laying/sitting on the heat vents (much like I do. In face, when I do that, she usually joins me as well). She's currently curled up asleep on my blanket on the couch.

Other: Snow sucks. At least today it didn't stick.

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