Friday, May 25, 2007

Furball and the Pirate

Two things!

1) I took Kire for a nice long walk today. Oddly, at the end of some of our walks, she's in the habit of putting on the brakes as I go to enter the building and instead looking towards the parking lot. Today I decided to see where she wanted me to take her, and let her take the lead (so to speak). She took me out into the parking lot and between two cars that looked nothing like mine, looking up at me. Then, she ventured further into the lot and started looking around like a mall patron that has misplaced their vehicle. After that, she conceded to being lead inside. I was laughing at her nearly the whole time.

2) I saw Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End last night and was absolutely amazed! It was unlike any other major blockbuster I've ever seen; it was deep and meaningful, and surprising! The end is not something I would have expected, and yet it was the only ending that was fitting, really!

Curious to hear what other people think ...


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