Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy Beginning of 2007!

Yay, confettii! #$%$%*#(*#*#&^##)$*(

Anyway, Craig and I have a New Year's tradition. It's not one
we intended, but it happened all the same. Ever since we 
started dating, one or both of us have been sick come 
New Year's. 

2005 it was Craig. I was at home at the time and remember
calling him up to hear hacking and stories about sitting near
the stage for the Don Faranacci concert at Nighttown, inundating
himself with tea, water, and loads of lemons.

2006 it was me. We were together this time, at the Don Faranacci 
show in Nighttown, and I was trying to hack up both lunges.

2007 it was me again, although Craig is just getting over being
sick. We spent New Years here, at my apartment, watching the
Prairie Home Companion show. I ate an entire pan of soup.

Now, I'm making tea and preparing to wake up before work
(that's what I get for saying I have open availability in order to get
Christmas Eve off; I close New Year's Eve and work New Year's Day).
then, Craig and I will go see a movie (hopefully. As it turns out, the
cinemas that he has gift certificates for doesn't exist in this state).

New Year's Resolutions? Survive. Be tidier. Be creative. Finish things.
Be social. Be strong. Be frugle. Be musical. Be good. Be bop.


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