Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Finished? Ha! Hardly ...

I had a wonderful Christmas with my family, and I hope everyone reading this enjoyed their respective holidays! I didn't get a chance to celebrate the Winter Solstice, unfortunately. 

Everyone around me has been coming down sick, and today I think I've got the start of it. Sore throat, stuffy head, fatigue and achey pains. I took some sudafed but it doesn't really seem to be heliping. :-/ I'm certainly not sick enough to warrent staying home from work (no hacking, really, I just feel thbbt).

My mom got me a pattern-a-day knitting caldener and I'm jumping the gun and working on January 1st's pattern. I just happen to have the proper yarn and needles and a little extra time (off of school for this week). So, hopefully I shall have a lovely scarf by the weekend. :-)

In other news, I finished NaNoWriMo with a grand total of 58,441 words. 
However, I had not yet reached the end. I joined NaNoFiMo 
(National Novel Finishing Month) and finished it at 68K. Now, I will be 
participating in NaNoPubYe (National Novel Publishing Year) to get it all 
groomed and polished so that it looks like something more than connected 

And when I get that finished, whether or not it gets published, will I be 
done? No. Why? Because it ends on a major cliffhanger and there's at least 
two more novels waiting in the sidelines to follow it. So, on top of editing 
Novel 1 and writing synopsis and query letters and what not, I will also be 
outlining Novel 2 so that in November I'll be able to whip it out. 

Rinse, repeat. 

Not that I'm complaining, but it was supposed to be a nice, little novella 
about a father and a daughter, and ever since the plot exploded (twice), it's 
turned into this large-scale epic battle thing. yeow. 

And I still haven't settled on a title. When I started NaNo, I didn't have one 
in mind, but I wanted to write something since I'm not an 'Untitled' kind of 
person, so I jotted down 'Osprey's Child' because I like the word Osprey and there was supposed to be one in the story. The bird never showed up, and I changed the title to Gypsy's Child, because the father was a Gypsy. But 
then I changed the race name from 'Gypsy' to 'Rosarin' and didn't think 'Rosarin's Child' really worked, I wanted something familiar to draw the reader to the book from the title. I started thinking of it as 'Alchemist's Child', since he's an alchemist, and am currently debating over that and 'Osprey's Child' again (bird finally showed up).

So that's where I am at now, concerning NaNo. I'll try to keep you posted as I wade through the useless wordpadding and inconsistancies.



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