Wednesday, May 17, 2006


So the neighbors did find someone to take Carson, and now, all links and contacts we had with him are gone. I hope he found the perfect home.

I, however, have not yet. I had a big extravagent plan to move down to Virginia, but then I was broadsided by reality. Pooh.

But big news!!! Enormous news! Absolutely wonderful and intoxicating news!!! I am going down and getting my doggie today!!!! :-D I met her in January and have been making frequent trips down to see her (near three hours away), and now I finally get to bring her home!!! Having my boyfriend drive; I had a dream where I drove myself and couldn't concentrate on the trip back because I was too happy! This dog is an absolute spitfire, yet totally loving! Last time I visited, I took down a fleece toy that I'd been sleeping with to get my scent on, so that she'd have something that smelled of me when I wasn't there. Do you know she's been carrying it around with her ever since? Now she won't have to, becuase I'll be right there!!! Having grown up with dogs, this is certainly an exciting moment for me!!! I just keep thinking of all the fun we can have! I'll be taking her to renessaince fairs, and parks, and I'll be showing her and hopefully I can get into lure coursing!!!

American Sighthound Field Association
Official Basenji Website

I can't believe this day is finally here! I'm so blissfully happy, once I actually get here I'll be walking on clouds!!!!!


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