Friday, March 24, 2006


I can't concentrate without music in the background.

When I was in school, I studied best with big thumping classical pieces from the late romantic era. My roomate was quite the opposite, so when we were studying at the same time, I had on headphones, and usually had the volume up high if not all the way. Mahler made me deaf. And some Barber.

Well, not *entirely* deaf. More like partly deaf. Mostly not, but sometimes I can be looking right at a person and thinking .oO(huh?).

but I can't concentrate without music, which sucks because my CD player is broken and only plays tapes and the radio.

So I've gotten into the habit if listening to the local college station. It's pretty cool, and now I'm actually recognizing popular culture songs. Yay! They have a pretty vast collection, though. I actually called up last week and requested a song from a local band that I'm friends with. Conversation went like this;

Me: I'd like to request "Lust Song" from 'this is exploding.'
DJ: Yeah, yeah, we have that!"
Me: Great! :is happy:
DJ: So what are you doing tonight?
Me: :panicking: Well, I'm actually knitting, but it's not old school, I got the pattern from VOGUEKnitting, which, yes, is associated with the VOGUE high-fashion magazine. It's high class knitting.
DJ: Really? Well I'll be sure to mention that!
Me: 'Kay

So I drag my boyfriend down to listen when he gets close (I know because he runs down what's coming up).

DJ: And next we have going out to Gyda in Cleveland this is exploding's Lust Song. Apparently Gyda's having a wild night knitting, although she assured me it was high-class. I think she said she was knitting a sweater. So Gyda, you should knit me a sweater!

I thought it was pretty funny. I wasn't prepared at all for him to ask what I was doing, but indeed, I was sitting there with my sleeves hanging out on a pair of size 10 circular needles. I feel like a celebrity when I request songs on the radio, and I'm sure that having such quirks as 'knitting' make me an object of curiosity.

My friend and I went out to a coffee shop this week and sat around drinking tea, chatting, and knitting. We were right by the door, and more than once people leaving asked me to whip them up something. This one guy gave me his measurements.

I'll be lucky if I can finish this sweater for myself. I have too many things started and not finished. I'm trying not to start anything else (though being a gemini makes it hard!!!)

I have two major pieces in the works;

  1. Scarf for Mom

    • last pattern in a beginner's book
    • not difficult, but time consuming
    • 45 minutes for 3 inches.
    • more than halfway done, should just do a little bit each day ...

  2. Sweater for me

    • finished body
    • mostly done with sleeves
    • block, piece
    • collar
    • buttons or zipper? the big decision!

Ooo, I made a list! :-D
let me just see if I can finish a scarf and make a sweater .........


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