Saturday, April 29, 2006


So our neighbors had an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix that was too big and too rambunctious for their yard and lifestyle (just a little bit of research could have prevented this!). My boyfriend and I sort of became surrogate parents, and would take him on walks and teach him what obedience we could, loved him and threw the ball for him. Our neighbors appreciated this, as it made him a calmer dog around their six-year old.

Now they're getting a divorce, and the dog has to go. We made arrangements for our friend to take him, who's been wanting a dog. Everything's fine and dandy, right?

Except for all the emotional baggage and quirks the neighbors didn't tell us. Aparently, the dog has 'something against blondes'. Would have been nice if he would have told our BLONDE friend that before she drove off with him; he's tried to jump at her three times already in his new home. He goes nuts when anyone gives him affection of any kind, and the whole first night he was in his new place with his new owner he wouldn't stop barking, and now she's facing possible eviction.

I'm awaiting more news. Supposedly she was going to tell neighbor he either has to take the dog back or its going to the pound. My boyfriend doesn't think there's much hope for rehabilitation, because he's a mix, because he's already three years old, and because he's not the most intelligent of dogs. I, who have always harbored a love of the underdog and a sometimes painful optimism about such things, am adament that with the right training, he could be a wonderful pet. It's not my decision, though. I'll be getting my own dog soon (just have to wait to put this house in order before I can bring her home), and I have to put my attentions towards her, but in a way I feel like I'm betraying neighbor's dog. We've done so much with him, and he's shown so much love in return. He always looks for us and when we come home he watches us and wags his tail (and goes into a crazy barking frenzy when we don't come over to say hello). Now, I know I wouldn't be the right owner for him, but that optimistic part of me says that someone, somewhere, could make him very happy. We'll just have to see what happens. He's running out of chances.


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