Saturday, April 08, 2006


The weather here is not nice. It was getting all nice and warm and I was looking forward to wearing some of the nice collection of sundresses I have. Then boom. it's cold again. I'm sitting here with a sweater, jacket, and two wrist warmers on (I knotted them myself! One is made from fuzzy white Pattons' Divine, and the other is a collection of yellow, orange, and blue-with-squiggles yarn I had lying around.

I really should knit a matching pair at somepoint. Do I keep forgetting I have two wrists instead of one?

I actually just knitted another using DPNs and seed stitch with some yarn from my Mom. It's a gorgeous turqoise color, and is nice and toasty! :-D I bound it off too tightly, however, and it doesn't quite fit. Must work on that. And then make another to match. Because I have two wrists. (must remember that).

I'm still working on my sweater. Finished the sleeves, but they're one inch too long! Have to tear out and finish them, then it's block/seam sew and add the collar. Yay! Sweater!


At 4:35 AM , Blogger Cody said...

We've had several days of warm over here, so I'm confident they'll stay.

Good luck with the knitting. I use the little pug you made me as a change purse; I hope that's okay!

At 7:05 AM , Blogger Gyda said...

Hey, that's wonderful! :-) I'm glad it's useful! Means I have succeeded as a knitter! :golf claps ensue: Yay!! :D

As for weather, IT'S SUPPOSED TO GET TO 70 TODAY!!!! I am overly excited by this! I actually turned the heater off last night! Yay!!


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