Wednesday, May 31, 2006


My new doggie, 16 month old Basenji Kire, has turned out to be a bit of a smart-alek. She tells us what's going on! She's a sweetheart at the bottom, though! She loves being with her 'people', me and my boyfriend, and when she's not busy exploring and trying to chew things she shouldn't, she's content to lay resting right next to us (right now she's got her head on the laptop and my thumb keeps bumping her wet nose!).

I had my first show last week (her second) at the Basenji Club of Cincinatti's Annual Specialty. Since Kire is an American-bred African (from the Avongara line) we participated in the African Stock Exhibition in the Full African Bitch class against Kire's sister as well as one of the new imports from Cameroon. Kire came in third, most likely due to her curiosity, my lack of experience, and all the interesting smells on the pavement that she just had to explore. It was a great experience, though, and we both had a lot of fun!

I myself am still trying to get used to getting up at 6am for her morning walks! After that, we usually go back to bed for a few more hours.


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