Sunday, March 08, 2009

Inspired by brother to post

Ack! He linked me! *dusts cobwebs, does quick cleaning*

Just a quick note before I head to work. I will be moving!!! Yay!!! I'm renting a two-bedroom two-story townhouse with two awesome coworkers/friends (will be sharing a room with one ... yay, college times!). It's got a lime tree in the backyard and a working toilet!!!

If you wonder what's so special about a working toilet, try to imagine not being able to flush toilet paper for a year. X(

Also, the water gets hot! :) Plumbing where I'm at now; not so great. :p

Anyway, this townhouse is also right behind the mall, including a Hot Topic and Barnes & Noble, and is about 5 minutes from the Gaming Shop.

I'm all excited!! :D

Anyway, work calls!!!