Monday, May 19, 2008

Congratulations! It's an UPDATE!

It's probably nearing 85 or so outside ... cooler than last week, though they don't consider 'summer' to be here until the triple digits of September-November. No more Halloweens in snowsuits!

No more snowsuits!

Not that I've had a snowsuit since I was 10, but I had asome crazy layering going on in those midwest winters!

So, I've been here about three months. I've become enamored of the Santa Cruz mountains (okay, mountains in particular, I just happen to be closest to the Santa Cruz ones), and the wiggly winding roads that trespass through mini-redwood forests and hug the mountainsides. On the west the view looks out into green (and sometimes urban-littered) valleys, and more mountain chains in the distance, and to the east there's that big huge expanse of blue known as the Pacific Ocean.

I can afford to take such leisurly trips because, despite gas being anywhere from $3.93-$4.15, my milage and my tips are such that my bank account doesn't feel the 'gas pains'. Besides, how could I possible live so close to such natural beauty and NOT take advantage of it at least once a week?

I'm also getting a chance to take part in some interesting cultural happenings in the area. Yesterday, while stuck in traffic on my way to work, I saw the aftermath of the 'Bay To Breakers' which is somewhat like a marathon where you run from the bay through The City to the ocean in as odd a getup as you can muster. Some of the tame outfits I saw was a girl wearing a TuTu, later a guy in some really tight really short shorts, and then a woman dressed up as a lobster; brigth red with tail and all!

I couldn't participate myself because there were doggies and kitties that needed grooming, but maybe next year ... *plots*

This week I'll be attending a limited viewing of the Japanese live-action movie 'Death Note' based on the Anime of the same name. I've seen a few episodes of the Anime, and admit that it's one of my favorites that I want to continue watching. I've become really interested in animes dealing with Shinigami, or 'Death Gods'. Death Note is one. Another, Bleach, takes a completely different approach of the term Shinigami.

June will see my celebrating my birthday with my friend Thomas, who shares the same birthday (we shall finally be able to celebrate our birthdays together, which is exciting), and then in July is Comic-Con!!! My very first convention! :-) I was hoping to get a cosplay outfit together, but since I can't sew (not to mention lack of a sewing machine, fabrics, and other such sewing necessities) that probably won't come to pass. There's always next year, though. :-)

No earthquakes here yet, but Thomas did feel one while we were on the phone. He dismissed it as nothing greater than a 2, and the conversation went on to other things.

So that's it for now. Kire's enjoying herself, and is proably busying herself with her 'Every Lasting Treat Ball' which should prove difficult for even her to break into! :-D


At 5:06 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely love your blog; wish I were there...really!!! Anonymom~


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